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May 2024 – Investor Update

CEO Confidential May saw more of a focus on family than work for me, as I spent ten days in Palma, Majorca. However, during this holiday period, I spent a fair bit of time talking to clients, attending team meetings and plotting expansion plans. Nonetheless, it was also filled with much-needed family time and sunshine, […]

April 2024 – Investor Update

­ CEO Confidential This month’s article isn’t about trading, money, or investment; it’s more of a philosophical piece, something I wanted to share. This article stems from a question that a reporter recently posed to me: “what motivates you as the CEO of Novus Black?” The simple answer would be family, but there’s a lot […]

March 2024 – Investor Update

Contents 1 – CEO Confidential – Monthly views from your CEO2 – Final figures – Overview of this month’s performance3 – Trader’s Journal – Trading overview of this month and next4 – Gilded Heights -Gold’s Meteoric Rise to Unprecedented Peaks5 – Inside The Engine Room – A Quick Reflection from your COO ­ CEO Confidential […]

February 2024 – Investor Update

Contents 1 – CEO Confidential – Monthly views from your CEO2 – Final figures – Overview of this month’s performance3 – Inside The Engine Room – A Quick Reflection from your COO3 – Appointments – Welcome the new FD5 – Beyond Numbers – First month as FD6 – Trader’s Journal – Trading overview of this […]

January Investor Update

In this comprehensive update, we’re going to explore an in-depth analysis of the activities from January, looking forward to what 2024 holds and what it means for investors. We’ll also discuss trading strategies, our ongoing efforts to streamline operations, and our expansion plans. These efforts are aimed at providing benefits to our clients and further […]

December 2023 – Investor Update

Greetings and best wishes for the New Year! We trust you all enjoyed a delightful holiday season filled with joy and celebration. As we step into 2024, our team is filled with optimism and enthusiasm, looking forward to the potential and possibilities that this year holds. It’s a time for us to reflect on the […]

October 2023 – Investor Update

October has indeed been one of complexities and unexpected turns, largely influenced by the unfolding events surrounding the Israel conflict. Navigating such uncertain waters required our team to operate with an acute sense of vigilance. Prioritising our risk protocols was not just a choice but an imperative. It was through this stringent focus on safeguarding […]

September 2023 – Investor Update

September closed on a 6.9% profit, which is an excellent result given the small losses we had to take and the unpredictability of the market in the final week. I want to make this point to everyone: although we have a flawless track record showing every month of realised profit, we also take losses to […]

July 2023 – Investor Update

We are approaching our 24th month of trading, and over the last two years, I hope we have proved that we can make excellent profits for our clients and do so in a structured and secure way. I hope that we have also shown you the highest level of customer service and treated everyone exceptionally, […]

June 2023 – Investor Update

We have again closed another profitable month and are pleased to announce a final figure of 7% profit, which, as I am sure you will agree with, is a massive improvement over the last few months As discussed in the last update, we decided to leave the US-centric markets like Nasdaq alone, manage our positions […]

Mid Month Update – June

So far, June is playing out well. We are steadily increasing profits due to the new FX strategies and being patient when it comes to closing the shorts in NASDAQ. The NASDAQ situation, however, is very interesting. Therefore, to ensure all investors understand the situation, we wanted to explain our thoughts on the US Markets, […]

May 2023 – Investor Update

Firstly, let me thank you for your ongoing support with Novus Black as we complete our 21st month of trading. It’s safe to say that 2023 has not started with the big bang we’d hoped for, and while we all understand that investment has its periods of slow going, we realise that the results we’ve […]

April 2023 – Investor Update

I am pleased to announce that our 20th month of trading was another month of profit, ending at 5.1%. April was a good month for Novus Black. The trajectory is heading in the right direction, meaning we have doubled last month’s profit. We have started a broker-wide tidy-up and are looking at all the open […]

March 2023 – Investor Update

March, and very much the start of 2023, has been full of trepidation but also provided a good test for the fund. This year alone has shown our investors what we are capable of. We have proved that we are not scared of a fight but also know when to take things cautiously, rest and […]

30% Profit Share Model Upgrade

We are writing to notify you about a non-compulsory change to your Novus Black account. All clients are being offered a chance to switch their accounts from a capped model to a profit-share model. Currently, you are reimbursed at a capped amount per month, meaning the maximum monthly profit you can make is limited. Therefore, […]

February 2023 – Investor Update

We have just completed one of the most challenging months in Novus Black’s history. Despite unfavourable market conditions and many variables going against us, we kept composed, acted with justification and made decisions responsibly and swiftly. As a result, we have retained our flawless track record of no losing months and delivered a 1.1% profit […]

Profit Share Upgrade

We have now started the migration for clients to move to the new 30% profit share model. The profit share model is currently not a compulsory change, and if you wish to remain within your current capped model, please disregard this email. However, if you want to upgrade to the profit share model, please click […]

January 2023 – Investor Update

Firstly let me start by apologising for the slight delay with the monthly update email. It has been extremely busy at Novus Black, all in a very positive way, but it has caused a slight delay in sending our monthly update. January has been perhaps one of the most iconic months in the growth of […]

November 2022 – Investor Update

We have completed our 15th month of trading, and we are happy to report another month of consistent profit, with the month being closed out at an impressive 8.0%. This month was slow to start, but thanks to expert leveraging of US100 & US30 positions and shorting the market appropriately, we were able to sell […]

October 2022 – Investor Update

Good Evening and welcome to the 14th Novus Black monthly update report. This October, Novus Black has gained momentum in both trading performance and Fund growth, continuing to strengthen its product offering. We have completed our 14th month of trading, still showing no losses and generating a final trading profit result of 6.55%. This figure […]

September 2022 – Investor Update

Good Afternoon and welcome to the 13th Novus Black monthly update report. Novus Black has now completed its 13th Month of trading through a tumultuous and turbulent economic climate. Despite the economic challenges posed by September’s unpredicted shifts, we have once again managed to provide a profitable month for our clients. Novus Black’s trading performance […]

August 2022 – Investor Update

Today marks 360 days since the very first trade was placed by Novus Black when we were just an aspirational Investment Club. As we complete our first year, we reflect on the last 12 months of triumphing over global adversity, securing regulatory status, and reporting profit every single month. We would like to extend our […]

July 2022 – Investor Update

We are at the end of Novus Black’s 11 month of trading and this month has been a challenging one. We wanted to take this opportunity to update you on July’s market conditions and future plans for the company. Firstly, the good news is that Novus Black will again report no losses for July and, […]

June 2022 – Investor Update

We are writing to all existing clients and self-certified individuals to provide a company update as there have been many improvements and structural changes with Novus Black that everyone needs to be aware of. All of the changes that we have made are to make Novus Black more secure, more sustainable and ultimately a better […]