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March 2023 – Investor Update

March, and very much the start of 2023, has been full of trepidation but also provided a good test for the fund. This year alone has shown our investors what we are capable of. We have proved that we are not scared of a fight but also know when to take things cautiously, rest and re-strategise.

The entire team is confident that April will see the market return to a more tradable landscape and present many more opportunities for the Novus Black team to capitalise on.

A Message From Our CEO…

This a slightly longer update than usual from me; however, it has been a fascinating month, and therefore a lot to discuss.

March is thankfully over, and we find ourselves at a point of reflection, a moment where we can asses the last 19 months of business and provide an honest review of where Novus Black sits.

We are now starting our 20th month of trading and have survived and prospered through conflicts, banking crises and unprecedented shifts in market patterns. Yet, we still find ourselves able to put profit on the board for March, something which must be commended. We have grown at a rate of 175% from an AUM of $300k to over $4.5m in less than two years, and we still have a flawless track record of consistently profitable months.

Speaking of profitable months, March ended at 2.4% profit. This profit has been created through very cautious and methodical trading practices, knowing when to take the risk and when not to.

As a private investor in Novus Black myself, I would of course like to see more profits, as I am sure we all would; however, I am happy that no losses were made and my pot of capital and profits were protected, perfectly positioned to continue growing through the months ahead.

Due to the changes we have all experienced we wanted to ensure all clients received profit this month. Therefore, as a goodwill gesture, we upgraded everyone’s account to the new 30% profit share model for one month only. This means we can all add 0.72% profit to our accounts and again take advantage of the compounding effects that Novus Black offers. On that note, all accounts have now been updated to reflect this.

I want to, as always, thank all of Novus Black’s clients for their support and look forward to April and the coming months ahead.

Upgrade To 30% Profit Share

We have seen a fantastic uptake in investors wishing to upgrade to the new 30% profit share model. As can be seen by March, the profit share model can be hugely beneficial in ensuring your account receives profit every single month, even if the markets only allow for a smaller profit overall.

If you have not already upgraded, please click the below link to complete your upgrade:

Upgrade to Profit Share

March Trading Summary

by Paul Chalmers (Head Of Trading UK)

March saw the collapse of several banks, where the processes failed or came under severe stress. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), the 16th largest US bank, was one of these, on 11 March, triggered by a rapid increase in depositors withdrawing their money after the bank made significant losses. Silicon Valley Bank suffered the quickest bank run in history and the fastest bailout of depositors. That culminated in the Bank of England selling its UK subsidiary shortly after.

Credit Suisse, a large international bank which had been in difficulty for some time, also became heavily distressed with UBS stepping in to buy it before it went under.

Panic has ensued in all financial markets worldwide and created a volatile trading scenario with irregularity of movement, making it very dangerous to trade.

Those funds that continued trading have lost massively, and most of the well established funds in the UK and abroad have reported enormous losses by doing so. Novus Black did the opposite, reducing the trading dramatically and occasionally stopping totally to offer protection of client capital.

This outcome meant we could post small profits when others posted large losses. Our prudent approach was a great success, ensuring the track record remained intact, and the fund was kept healthy.

March was an anomaly, seeing unpredictable and unusual market movements, a banking system in disarray, Bloomberg in meltdown and untradable patterns.

Despite all of this and all other world issues being reported, the markets always like to return to normality. With April starting, we already see a cool down in the markets, allowing us to slowly return to normal and place profitable trades minus the risks that we would have been susceptible to over the last four weeks.

Whatsapp Group Messages

by Steve Hill (CEO)

We are always conscious of having good updates in the Whatsapp group; however, we also respect everyone’s time, so getting the ideal balance is very important.

Many of you have provided feedback on this subject, and the general consensus seems to be that you like the increased updates that March provided and want to see more in April and beyond. Therefore based on this, we will add relevant information to the Whatsapp group every Friday and maintain a good information flow without becoming intrusive.

AUM Growth – Global Presence

The plan of having $50m AUM (Assets Under Management) by December is taking shape nicely, with many more prominent institutional investors now coming forward and looking to invest in Novus Black.

We have already started spreading our seeds Globally, starting in the UAE, working with Multibank to build a successful partnership which will lead to significant increases in capital. On 4th April, our CEO is flying to Istanbul to secure relationships with the Yachting industry and then, later in the year, Croatia, Monaco, New York and Sweden.

Should you have any questions regarding any of the points in this update, please feel free to email us at, or phone us on 020 8187 8287

We would like to sincerely thank you for your ongoing support with Novus Black and look forward to a prosperous future.

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