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November 2022 – Investor Update

We have completed our 15th month of trading, and we are happy to report another month of consistent profit, with the month being closed out at an impressive 8.0%.

This month was slow to start, but thanks to expert leveraging of US100 & US30 positions and shorting the market appropriately, we were able to sell all open orders by the month’s end. Along with impressive profits for November, we are aiming to close down legacy positions to further reduce our overall drawdown, which means a lower risk profile is applied.

FX Blue Reporting

­The first link is the official track record, updated at the end of every week by our Technical Director, George Challiss. The official track record shows a very clear and easy-to-read overview of the last 15 months of trading.

The second link is Novus Black’s verified trading history and statistics supplied by FXBlue. Please note the data on the FXBlue feed is correct; however, it is still miss-reporting a broker migration in October, resulting in a skewed statistic. All other months are 100% accurate. We continue to work with FXBlue to correct the data shown and hope to have a correction made this year.

The Novus Black Family

­We pride ourselves on creating a company where ethics are held in higher regard than profits. From the inception of Novus Black, we have always tried to build and create a community feel and pay extra attention to looking after the needs of our clients in the best way possible. As the CEO, I have always spent a lot of personal time getting to know each of my clients, their needs and financial goals, and understanding family plans and structures. Family is very important to Novus Black and me and without that support and understanding, Novus Black would not be what it is today.

So as we are talking about family, I want to congratulate our very own Technical Director on the purchase of his first house, the engagement to his fiancé and the upcoming birth of his first son, expected in February. I have already spoken to George and agreed to get him trading before his first birthday!

Broker Migrations

­As all clients will know, we currently have three brokers: IS Prime, IC Markets and VT Markets. Due to the need to partner with FCA-regulated brokers, we have been working hard to close out all positions in VT and move all capital to IS Prime (FCA Regulated and London based). I am pleased to report after a very productive November; we are on track to see VT Markets migrated across to IS Prime by January 2023. This will leave us with 2 brokers for the start of 2023, IS Prime & IC Markets.

As previously mentioned, our accounts with IC Markets were migrated in October from their EU entity to their global entity based in the Seychelles. For this reason we have decided to gradually migrate positions to a new London-based prime broker by the end of the first quarter of 2023. This means Novus Black will have two broker accounts, both London-based and FCA-regulated. Migrating to UK regulated brokers will give us extra control and protection on capital without any logistical issues.

Winter Warmer Event

­A Massive thank you to all our clients who took the time to come to our Essex office for the Winter Warmer Event. The event was a massive success, with clients being given a chance to meet more of the Novus Black team and company founders. The BBQ was outstanding, and Porterhouse Steak and Vinicii Burgers were the hit of the night. We will aim to do many more events in 2023 as we love getting everyone together and building relationships and trust.

Christmas Trading

­Typically, we expect December and January to be slower than most months due to low volume in the market and many institutions breaking for the holidays. Although we will, as always, work diligently to ensure significant fund growth, please be aware that normal market trading hours and conditions do not apply.

The main issue with Christmas trading is volatility with all major currency pairs tending to decrease drastically, resulting in slow-moving markets. Commonplace throughout the festive period are trading sessions that are very quiet indeed, some with virtually no price movement.

Following Christmas, you would imagine things pick up, and in some respects they do, but markets tend to remain subdued until well into January, when all of the Christmas festivities are over and when all of the traders are back at their desks trading.

However, on a positive note, historically, a lot of banks and financial institutions let go of market positions to tidy the books for a new year. With the current status of the markets, this trait appears to be coming soon, which should allow us to capitalise on strong early movements. As such, we can remain positive for a solid year-end.

A Message From The CEO, Steve

2022 has been fantastic. Novus Black, in 15 months, has recorded no monthly losses, provided full profits nearly every single month to our investors, created FCA-regulated partnerships, formed solid operational structures, and agreed new strategic alliances. We expect 2023 to be even more impressive than 2022, with markets hopefully calming down and falling into a more predictable price range. We have lots of exciting announcements to make In January and the coming months and look forward to letting our clients know of these as soon as possible.

Novus Black offices will be closed from the 20th of December and will not re-open until the 4th of January 2023.

Due to holidays, this will be the last update of 2022, hence why I have tried to pack as much information into it as I possibly could. Although there will be no December update, please check Novus Black’s track record using the links sent above for trading results during this period.

Although I will be enjoying the much-needed, and I think well-deserved rest, I will still be updating the Novus Black Whatsapp Group, ensuring everyone is kept in the loop.

All that remains for me to say on behalf of everyone at Novus Black is we hope you and your families have a fabulous Christmas, and we look forward to 2023.

­Should you have any questions regarding any of the points in this update, please feel free to email us at, or phone us on 020 8187 8287.

We would like to sincerely thank you for your ongoing support with Novus Black and look forward to a prosperous future.

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