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September 2022 – Investor Update

Good Afternoon and welcome to the 13th Novus Black monthly update report.

Novus Black has now completed its 13th Month of trading through a tumultuous and turbulent economic climate. Despite the economic challenges posed by September’s unpredicted shifts, we have once again managed to provide a profitable month for our clients.

Novus Black’s trading performance ended September with 4.9% closed profit. This means that all clients have received 1.9% ROI this month.

Although the production of 1.9% in a month is an admirable return, particularly in the current climate, we hope that October will see a return to the higher performance of previous months to allow for total investor payouts.

Account Updating & Statements

­We always endeavour to update client accounts as swiftly as possible and usually try to update before the month has ended. However, in months where the trading hasn’t reached full payout for investors, like September, we like to allow as much time as possible at the end of the month for profit gain. This can cause delays in the expected update timeframe.

For this reason, we will be changing the date on which investor accounts will be updated online. Going forward, all accounts will be updated by the 5th of the month.

Furthermore, as of next month we will be ceasing the sending of paper statements in an effort to be more environmentally conscious. However, should you still wish to receive a paper statement via post, please inform us as soon as possible and will will arrange this for you.

Monthly Profit Split Explained

­We would like to take this opportunity to re-iterate how the profit is broken down at the end of each month.

As per the official Information Memorandum (available upon request), the first 3% of profit generated by the Fund through trading always goes to running Novus Black. Please be aware, this is not director salary, this pays for things like Rent, Bills, Regulation, Compliance, Trading and other company based costs that must be paid each month in order to keep Novus Black operational.

After the first 3% is paid the next portion goes to investors. For example, if we make 4%, investors receive 1% ROI.

Please check FX Blue to keep up to date, realtime on Novus Black performance

October Look Forward

­Market conditions have started to come into the price bands that we can operate in without increased risk and therefore with the upcoming economic news we see signs that indicate a strong October. Please feel free to stay up to date with October’s performance by following FX Blue.

End Of Year Meeting 22/23

­For anyone that missed the end of year zoom please click the link below to view it.

Watch Meeting

Winter Event

On 26th November, 2022, Novus Black will be hosting a Winter event for all of our esteemed investors. We will be inviting you all to join us at our new office in Earls Colne for a wonderful winter barbecue, drinks, and music. Official invites will be sent to each of our investors in the next week.

­Should you have any questions regarding any of the points in this update, please feel free to email us at, or phone us on 020 8187 8287.

We would like to sincerely thank you for your ongoing support with Novus Black and look forward to a prosperous future.

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